Have you ever held back from doing something because it was too risky?   We probably all have done that at one time or another. Taking a chance usually means there is something to lose, and people shy away from losing.  Let’s face it, no one wants to lose.  Still, taking chances is an integral part of life, and if we want our lives to change for the better, we have to get crystal clear on what we are willing and not willing to risk.

Take a moment and look back on your life and think of a time when you took a chance at something.  It can be anything – big or small, at work, or in your personal life.”

Now, identify a time when you made a mistake at something.  Again, it can be anything – big or small, at work, or in your personal life. A ‘mistake’ can be regarded as something you wish you could go back and do differently.

What do the two phrases in bold (took a chance/made a mistake) mean to you?

  • Where do you focus most of your time and energy: a) on taking a chance, or b) on avoiding a mistake?
  • How does your concern about making mistakes impact your willingness to take chances?

The biggest risk in life is not the possibility of making a mistake; it’s never trying in the first place.

We are constantly taking chances in life whether we realize it or not. When you get on a plane, cross a street, or just walk down the sidewalk, you run the risk of something bad happening…especially nowadays if you live in Chicago!  As much as we try, we cannot totally avoid risk.

People sometimes think that doing nothing is playing it safe.  Doing nothing is actually doing something and it’s the best way to make sure your situation remains the same.

The comfort zone you live in can be very…well, comfortable.  Everyone wants to be comfortable, but too much of it can work against you, because an inability to step out of your comfort zone guarantees you’ll miss reaching your full potential. The growth zone and the comfort zone are never in the same place!

If you’ve fallen into the “play it safe” routine, it’s not too late to take even a baby step towards what you really want. Yes, it will involve risk and you may not achieve your idea of success. But you will learn something that you otherwise would never have known. That’s growth!

What can you do today to take a step out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone?

I know one thing you can do…contact me! I’d love to chat with you about your goals and dreams for the life you truly want to experience. Click here to schedule a time for us to catch up and let’s make it happen!

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