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I’m Courtney Powell, and I’m on a mission. I want you to discover your true purpose and kick your life into high gear.

Do you have a group eager for inspiration?

Then invite me to speak at your event.

Whether the members of your group are corporate professionals, emerging entrepreneurs, or students, I’ll deliver the truth they need. Your professional association, faith-based organization, youth group, or school will prosper with my help.

My purpose: guiding your tribe into the light.

On stage, I mix powerful messages with my invincible sense of humor. Motivation is the goal. As an entrepreneur, ministry leader, and the superglue that holds my family together, I bring a lifetime of hard-won experience and a deep knowledge of work-life balance to your venue.

The topics I speak on are near and dear to my heart. I’ve lived them, learned from them, and thrive because of them.

My talks are tailored to your audience to create the specific change they desire. I combine engaging stories and practical techniques to spark the fire of potential.

Descriptions for my signature speeches are listed below. Contact me to discuss your audience’s needs.

Your Life, Your Call

Is your group searching for inspiration? If they want to create a life filled with purpose and vision, this talk is the first step. Your audience will:

  • Discover the gifts and abilities that are their unique offering to the world.
  • Observe the patterns and habits that have guided them here.
  • Focus on their purpose.
  • Dig in and create their own destiny.

Your Life, Your Call is perfect for students, entrepreneurs, and any group seeking a higher calling.


The Power Within

Is your group merely reacting to life? Wouldn’t they rather shape it to their desires? This talk will help them make that jump. They’ll:

  • Explore unproductive life patterns
  • Discover the path to change
  • Break through their fears

The Power Within is perfect for just about everyone. Seriously, we all need to harness our inner power. But for this talk to transform, your audience needs to be ready for change; perfect for any group struggling with success.


Step Back to Leap Forward

Does your group need to hit the reset button? The world pulls at us from every direction. This talk focuses on breaking the shackles that bind. I promote concentrating on one goal until success is assured. I’ll show your audience how to:

  • Step back from their time and energy sucks.
  • Define their primary goal.
  • Focus on that goal.
  • Begin achieving their dream.

Step Back to Leap Forward is perfect for entrepreneurs, students struggling with homework and GPAs, and any group looking to streamline their success.


Life After Debt: Recover and Rebuild After Financial Crisis

A topic near and dear to my heart. So many of us have felt the pain of financial disaster. With this talk I spread my message of hope and give your group a strategy for overcoming their economic setbacks. I discuss:

  • Recovering from financial loss
  • Dealing with the debt
  • Rising from the ashes

Life After Debt is perfect for any group reeling from our difficult economy. Ask around. I’ll bet your congregation or business association is eager for this information.

I earned my wings in the Human Resource department. My career advanced through a series of companies, nonprofits, and government agencies. This allowed me to hone my coaching skills helping employees of all levels solve their work and life problems. Those years in the trenches are essential to my process, but life experience is what sets me apart. I’ve hit the highs, and I’ve tumbled into the lows. I wish I could say I cruised right through the financial rubble of 2008. The truth is, I crashed into the mountain. The resulting trauma forced me to evaluate long-held beliefs. Now I’m back and stronger than ever, and I want to show you the way to lasting happiness.

With my help, the overworked, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated design a life of purpose, intention, and fulfillment. And I’d love to do the same for your group.

Use the form below to book a complimentary call with me now. We’ll discuss your group’s specific needs.

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